Tuesday, July 28

Evil Final Exam

So... on Wednesday I had to take my final exam for my Calc 2 class that Rebecca convinced me not to drop. It was one of those ridiculous finals where if you don't get at least a C you automatically fail the class regardless of how you've done on anything else.

I guess I didn't get a C.

It's not really surprising though, when I got to the test there were a few surprising things... it was actually a pencil and paper test rather than on the computer (like all of our other tests)... the test covered material we never covered during the class... (at least 3 of the 20 questions were about things I'd never done). And in general going from showing no work to having to show your work is a very strange change to be thrust upon you for the final that also gives you less time than any other test you've taken.

I would wail, I would deride my teacher but quite honestly... I should have asked more questions. For instance, when I was looking at the test review I assumed since it was a handout from a few years ago that my teacher implied he didn't really look over that the material on it that we hadn't covered wouldn't actually be on the test. Fool.

It'll be fun to see if I still get financial aid for the next year. I've decided that I'm dropping the idea of going for a bachelor's degree for now. It's just too long term of a goal what with my 43+ hours a week job... my daughter and a son on the way. If you're curious it's going to still be something my company should have no problem paying for... but I haven't decided programming or business.

Programming I used to enjoy, as you'd know if you knew me... then I lost the thrill of it. Then I got this job and I end up programming in it, and it's kind of my little secret passion you could say. It's just fun doing the problem solving, where you solve problems via completely logical means. Ah... logic. Fantastic.

Business well... it seems like that's the way my job is moving... according to my supervisor she pretty much expects me to keep moving on up when oppurtunities open up. She's trying to make me ready to take a job like hers... she's rude. The only problem I have with studying business is that I'm skeptical about how much you can really learn from it. Can't I just study the structure of the church? Seems pretty businessy... granted people are "promoted" and "demoted" based on considerably different criteria, but still.

Anyhow... that's enough blah blah

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