Thursday, July 23

The product is not always what the cover says

I just changed Alice's wet diaper and she totally took a dump. A big stinky dump. She has been wearing this diaper for less than 10 minutes. So rude.

Maybe its partly because I am in a bad mood.


Well we bought a Space Saver (you know the ones that go over the toilet) at Walmart a couple of weekends ago. I decided to put it together today since I didn't have a million other things to do.

(also my space bar isn't working all the time, that's super annoying!)

Anyway, I check to see if the boards on the side are thin enough to fit between our toilet and vanity in our upstairs bathroom. Check. Begin assembly.

After getting the two sides together with the main braces for the bottom assembly, I check again. What the heck?

Yes, the toilet is wider than the space between the space saver.

Dang it. I figure the downstairs toilet is smaller, so it will be a downstairs thing, and we will move the downstairs one up.

It fit around the toilet. Great.

I put on the lid. The lid is too wide!

I measured the space saver.

Its 22.25 inches wide.

The package for space saver #2 says its 23.25" wide.

The other one we bought at a yard sale for $5 or something like that, is 23.75" wide.

Who knows if Walmart will even take it as a return.

The product packaging says its wider than it is.


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