Monday, July 20

Last Minute Move

This week is going to be BUSY.

Yesterday, I found out a family in the ward is having a last minute move. They were trying to get a job 30 miles away, and surprise got it, and someone to rent their house. The catch? They have to move, ASAP. So today and tomorrow was their planned vacation. Nothing like a vacation to remind you how much stuff 6 people can have in a house.

I told her Sunday I would bring them lunch, and when I showed up at 10:30 almost all of the big furniture was in the van, or in the garage waiting to go into the van. I set the food down, and joined some others packing the closets. We had it rather easy. I was told, just throw it all in boxes. I tried to keep things with like things. I didn't feel like I was doing all that much or that I had got much done, but before I realized, it was 11:30. I turned on their oven and threw the big pan of spaghetti in to heat up.

Meanwhile, all the men and heavy laborers seemed to leave for lunch. You know, for a last minute during the week move, I was impressed how many guys were there. I got the food ready and packed a couple of boxes of kitchen stuff before chasing all the kids out to the yard for a picnic. We used regular plates, but the kids liked the idea. Alice didn't seem very hungry and just played in the dirt getting herself filthy.

We left there around 12:20 and came home. For not doing much I sure felt wiped out. I guess I did some serious sweating and a bit of child wrangling. I thought about going back with our carpet cleaner to help with the cleaning, but Alice just passed out on the couch next to me, so I think I will let her sleep until we go get Daniel. In fact, we might still go by after getting him, but for now I have my feet up to keep them from swelling even more, and Alice is getting some Zzz's.

Tomorrow will be just as crazy since we are going berry picking up in Kansas City. Blueberry and Blackberries! How fun. I hope the picking report looks good for this week. Last week the blueberries were poor quality, so we postponed going until this week.

I also got contacted about LINK from the University Ward and so I need to make some phone calls and figure out if any of the other wards have anyone called as LINK Coordinator. Whew. What a day!


Chelsea said...

you are a nice nice person.

P.S. where did you go berry picking? I want to go berry picking.

Amy said...

Wow! I hope your week went smoothly...

Thank you for your comment on my post on Kingdom First Mom's site. I appreciate it.

I also did not know that Target comp-priced, and I sure didn't know how that process worked, so I really appreciate your information on that!

Thanks so much!