Wednesday, July 29

Tomato Success

In the garden, the one thing I have had the most success with is, tada tomatoes! As ifthats a surprise, its in the title. Anyway, back to the post. The only thing is we have been having assistance from some bug helpers. Check out the blurry tomato below.
This is one of the less eaten cherry tomatoes in the garden. In fact I only harvest like 6 or so cherry tomatoes because most of them were eaten too much. Alice also helped, though as a later picture suggests, she isn't so into getting the ripe ones.
Here are the cherry tomateos that I have put i nthe fridge to keep them from ripening any more. I am going to try to make roasted tomatoes in the oven using these bad boys.
Here are the starting to change colors tomatoes! OK, they have a bit of cracking on the tops of some of them. I think thats from not enough water. But, as someone that doesn't really water the garden, I can't complain.
Above is Alice's harvest. Yes, one of them is not completely green. Oh well, she isn't any worse than the grasshoppers.
Yesterday it stormed pretty bad. This is our lone casualty. Poor little guy. Actually he is a pretty big guy, but trust me when I say, the bottom half of the tomato is missing. I know the tomato had not fallen down Monday, so in 1 day we got a couple of inches of rain and half lf a large tomato eaten. Oh do you see the cherry tomato on the ground? Its a half eaten cherry tomato. Yeah, under the pepper plant that isn't growing any peppers. But lets be honest, when you have 6 foot tall tomato plants, they add a LOT of shade to the garden.

Anyway, I will have to post how the rosting of the tomatoes goes. If it works out well, I might have to try making my own roasted red peppers. How awesome would that be?

I have one question. If fresh green beans are 68 cents a pound, is that a good enough price to try canning them?


Together We Save said...

I love cherry tomatoes. I did not plant any this year so I am jealous of your crop.

Melinda said...

Good job! It think tomato cracking can also be from too much water too quick. A lot of our tomatoe tops cracked, but we ate them anyway. I can't wait to hear how the roasting goes!