Friday, July 10

Taking Flight!

A couple of months ago, when we were notified that meeting Daniel's family for Thanksgiving meant going to Florida, I signed up for email alerts when there were low priced tickets.

I got an email about reduced fares and ignored it.

Until I went visiting teaching. I learned that there was great ticket prices between Kansas City and Salt Lake City so the visiting teachee bought her sister/mom/whomever tickets to come visit. It was some 48 hour sale or something.

That motivated me to actually read the email last night. I clicked on the link and searched for ticket prices. Holy cow. Only $180 round trip. So it was time to do some quick shopping and looking at the airline's website as well.

Can we say $59 down and $79 returning? With taxes, and fees we are paying a more than $200/person but we got to choose our seats, got flight insurance, and only have to pay $15 to check a bag. The second closest price was $300ish per ticket.

Yeah, I am excited. Now we just have to figure out how to get 3 days worth of stuff into either 2 carry ons and a diaper bag, or one checked bag and carry ons. Its only 3 days, so I don't think it will be that bad. We will probably use disposable diapers to make packing lighter, so now we just have to figure out what size Alice wears.

I am so glad we saw these prices and could throw out the consideration of driving down there. Sure it would have been fine (probably), but it would have been days of traveling and hotel rooms. Now, we just have to actually order a copy of Alice's birth certificate. I know, I know she is 18 months, we should have done this before. But, it was put of for a bit, then forgotten. But, I was reminded by the airlines that they may require a birth certificate as proof of under 2. Since Alice will be just a month shy of 2, they will probably expect proof.


Chelsea said...

nice work on the tickets! We love flying southwest and I downloaded DING! and get awesome notifications daily. One day last week they had a sale for tickets from KC to SLC for $6o each way. The catch is that they were only good for travel during the month of august. perfect for a vacation though, right?

rebecca said...

Sounds like a weekend getaway! Besides, once school starts it will be harder to have spontaneous vacationing.