Thursday, July 2

Who understands Toddlers?

I will never understand toddlers.

Why they get up at 7am, even though they just cry and whine because they are tired.
Why my cereal bowl, with the very same cereal in it, but skim milk instead of whole is so much better (by the way, it was before she had even taken a bite, so she wouldn't have known any better).
Why eating cold soggy cereal by hand is a good idea.
Why I should also eat the soggy cereal from her hand.

These are the true mysteries of the world.

A close second is how I thought she got her diaper off, only to discover her still wearing one.

And, did I actually schedule a house payment? Because I thought I scheduled it for June 29th, but there has not been money taken from our bank account, and nothing has actually posted on the mortgage company's website.

I have scheduled the payment for Monday. If its a second payment, it won't matter because we get paid on the 3rd. If its not, its early enough we won't have any finance charges. Its still a complete mystery though. We made the conscience decision to not double the mortgage payment at the beginning of July, because we have made some big purchases, and we wanted a bigger cushion in the bank account. Also, we get paid 3 times in July, so we could pay a larger amount for the August 1st payment.

But, I might have double paid the mortgage this month.

On accident.

Thanks to Bank of America (who now owns our mortgage) not posting transaction details on the website quickly, and nothing hitting the regular bank account before the holiday weekend.

Though the bank account my register it later in the day.

Oh well, if we haven't double paid we might just pay off the HELOC this month, or we might just pay even more extra toward the house. Its hard to think about things like money when I have the mysteries of the 3ft and under crowd in my life.

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