Monday, October 26

Smelling something Sour

All parties in the house are officially better. Alice has some mild nose runny-ness, but that's mostly when she throws a fit and cries a lot.

Unfortunately since I didn't get clogged sinuses, I smelled something strange in the house Saturday afternoon. It was sour smelling. So we did some cleaning of obvious things move trash can to other side of garage, wash dishes, change trash can, wash diapers. Still there.

Sunday morning it was worse. I started cleaning more, including steam cleaning the carpet in the living room. Daniel had to dump the dirty water about 6 times. I was doing a deep cleaning. I even did most of the stairs with a hand attachment in case it was something random or diaper bin related. It smelled better, but we had the windows open, so it wasn't really smelling better.

After church, Daniel said he thought it smelled good when we got home. I thought it smelled like sour chocolate. I was tired and opted to just have windows open and light some candles since we were having home teachers come over.

They came and went. We went to bed pretty much right after that. Alice fell asleep pretty fast. As did Daniel. I haven't really been sick, so pre-7pm bedtime was just too early for me, so I stayed up a bit. Its good too because the phone rang at 8:30pm. It was the elder's quorum something or other (in the presidency) seeing if Daniel had made Home Teaching appointments for the month yet.

{Side note: They have had a really hard time getting home teaching reported, whether or not its getting done. January they had 3% completion, August it was 20%, and September 40%. They think most of the low numbers are because people are forgetting to report. I doubt that since we haven't been taught since moving into the ward in January until last night. But, hey if it gets people to do their home teaching, great!}

After that, I got up to finish cleaning behind the couch (its all gross construction shrapnel of dust, screws, and tiny bits of old aluminum windows. Its much easier to clean things like that when Alice is in bed. I asked Daniel if he was tired. He wasn't going to go back to sleep immediately, so he was drafted for muscle power. You see, I also figured I would rearrange the living room, so that we have easier access to the new windows on the inside for trim. Yep, everything on this side, will turn around and go to the opposite side. Good times. I annoyed Daniel by making him move so much stuff. But hey, after cleaning the carpet under the couch, the house no longer smells sour.

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