Tuesday, December 1

Bran Flakes with Chocolate Milk

That is what Alice is eating right now. There was regular milk in the bowl, but she ate it all the milk and left some cereal in the bottom. So she added chocolate milk. Ingenious I tell you.

Yes her breakfast was at 11 am. She ate a banana on the way to my doctor appointment this morning.

Anyway, I had my regular appointment and my hospital pre-admission appointment. Yeah just about 2 hours of waiting rooms and junk. At least I didn't have to watch the epidural movie again. There are some perks to having more than one kid at the same hospital. Oh, and the renovated rooms and new recovery wing...also a perk. If Daniel were able to stay the night (which won't happen) they have love seats that pull out into beds. I think that's at least one step above air mattress. Maybe 4 steps.

As my totally rambling blog continues...Alice and I are watching a train wreck on Deal or No Deal. Her highest offer to date has been $8,000 and that was the first one. Yes, total train wreck. Sort of hilarious, sort of sad. The player's best comment: "This is not how it worked in my head." Yes, that is probably true. And now her offers are low enough that if it were me, I would just say, whatever go all the way. She is calling family to see if she should take $1500. Yep, not exactly good television.

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