Wednesday, February 24


Alice has a new way to get people's attention and request help. She calls me 'hun.' Thanks to Daniel calling me "honey" so she won't call me "Rebecca."

Of course, she also calls Daniel "hun" when she wants something.

Here is a brief example of when calling out "hun" is appropriate.
I want a drink, but the cup is empty... "Hun! Wah." (wah is water)
Man, opening this pack of cards to spread them around the room is hard... "Hun!" (shove cards into hand)
Look at all this loot I took out of the desk drawer..."hun, look."
Man, I could use some cookies..."hun, here you go." (while beckoning to the kitchen)

Thomas has a bit of a cold and an eye infection. The doctor was out of the office yesterday, so we saw the physician's assistant. I didn't like her. I kind of wanted to attack her for being all "ah baby" and holding Thomas and sticking her hair in his face. He is already sick, stop touching him. She sent us home with some sample medicine. I looked it up and its seasonal rhinitis medicine. I decided to skip that. Plus its use by date is March in its almost expired. I know it doesn't really mean anything except that it might be a little less efficacious. The PA also wanted to weigh him. I think its partly cause the ladies at the front desk were guessing how big he was. He weighed in at 12lbs 2oz. Yes, we have officially crossed the 12 pound mark. At 7 weeks.

He started throwin up this morning. He got the bed once. Then me once. Then Alice cause she wanted to snuggle with him. That one was pretty funny actually.

But, he is sleeping and he is still wetting plenty of diaper and eating. So I am hoping that it was just a one time thing. Yesterday, he didn't sleep much and spent the majority of the day crying unless he was held and then he would drift off to sleep for a little bit.

I baked brownies. But I don't want Alice to know. I will hear way too much "Hun!" if she find out.

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Kate said...

ugh, i don't think anyone likes the PA's at the doctors office. I've only heard bad things.

Hope little guy gets to feeling better!!! :)