Saturday, October 4

Friday Night Date Night!

So the ward has started something freaking awesome in my opinion. The service committee got people to sign up to sit the kiddos while the parents can go out for an evening. Like from 6pm-10pm. As in, if we wanted to we could have gone to dinner somewhere nice, AND seen a movie.

So we looked to see what was going on in town. And I found out some odd info. Our movie theater doesn't post show times online. Now granted we probably wouldn't have actually gone, but I wanted to see whats in theaters. You know just in case there was some amazing movie that we would want to see. So that idea went out the window.

Daniel told me about "Get Downtown." You know musicians, shutting a street down. Promoting people to wander the 6 block strip that is our old style down town. We looked up the musician line up.

Um lets see there was a guy whose music was described as rock and roll that moved you below the belt. What the heck does that mean? Upon further investigation that means hard rock. I honestly don't get that at all.

The second guy is some amazing trombone/trumpet/something brass player. Sounds better than getting moved below my belt, but I don't know if it would really be enjoyable.

We also had a gift card for Chili's. Its the gift card I won by winning a chili cook off back in January. Yeah, we don't get out much. Partly cause Daniel is really not excited to eat at Chili's. He feels that most restaurants are rip offs and after looking up the menu online he didn't see anything he wanted. Even a little. So we are saving that for Christmas (which is in like 7 days people, so get pumped!).

Yeah we ate Wendy's. The justification? We never eat out, so even eating at Wendy's is a sort of big deal. Yeah for less than $5 we got dinner. Instead of getting dinner for free with the gift card. (Feel free to snot laugh here.)

Then we wandered around World Market followed by Hobby Lobby. FYI anyone that sews, or wants to sew, or knows people that sew: Hobby Lobby has McCalls patters for 99 cents right now! Considering most of their patterns are in the $15 range, this is a streal. I got a pattern to sew my own diaper bag. The free one from the hospital isn't cutting it. And I want a bigger one. One that will actually hold all the cloth diapering junk I have for the day of planes in T - 4 Days, followed by a second day a week later. And speaking of diapering stuff, there is someone stinky trying to climb into my lap.

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