Monday, October 6


So one month from tomorrow will be a day when the nations future is decided. Yes that sounds ominous, but its true. And while I don't want to tell anyone how to vote, and I don't even care for discussing politics, I think its important to participate.

That means, if you aren't registered, register. The cut off date here is Kansas is Monday the 20th. Thats in 2 weeks people. And, if you have moved or whatever, you need to update that.

Here is a nifty video, courtesy of good old YouTube.

I wasn't old enough to vote in 96, so I wasn't part of the statistic, but how many of you were? Anyone feel guilty? And for the record I did vote the year I turned 18, and I didn't vote for Bush. I think he has been an ok president, but I didn't vote for him. Not that I even remember who he ran against in 2000. Maybe I even voted for the independant guy...whomever that was.

And in a totally unrelated to this post note: The MagicJack has been working beautifully. I think the connector to the USB port is loose or something, and a slight jiggle after plugging in and no more psycho software! Thats just happy times here. I think the cookies are ready to come out of the oven now. Yum, cookies.

Wednesday morning we leave for Florida...that means Its almost Christmas Break!

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