Thursday, October 2

MagicJack = Fun times with Customer Support

So all day yesterday the magicjack software was rebooting itself. Like 4 times in Daniel's 15 minute break. It will put the person you are talking with on hold, then shut down the software and reboot it. The most annoying thing was last night it started asking us to verify our email and password. The password is one that was auto generated because even though they say you can sign into your account and reset, we have yet to find that option. So its a password of letter-number-letter-number etc. Like 10 digits of etc. Annoying!

This morning I started the computer and it happened again. Like multiple times very quickly.

So I talked with customer support.

Monica was CSR #1 of the day. We installed the upgrade software (the stuff I had just done on my own 30 min before, but that's cool) And she said she reset our account so it wouldn't keep asking for the email and password.


I rebooted the computer and let her go. It asked me for the email and password, but I thought it was because we reinstalled the software. I tried to make a phone call. I called my sister. 30 seconds into my message (she is in class) the software put her machine on hold (ironic) and rebooted.

Back to the customer service. This time I talked with Kenny. Oh my goodness, 45 min to 1 hour of going into hidden folders, moving to different usb ports, etc. And now, the magicjack software wouldn't even start! Frustration.

Finally he said he was doing some stuff on his end and I needed to turn off the internet router/hub for 5 minutes and then try again. Ok the easiest way to do that is shut down the computer and turn off the power strip. Which I did.

I then changed a nasty nasty diaper (my second for the morning, and hopefully the last of the day) and put some dishes in the dishwasher. Maybe 10 minutes later I turn the power strip on and boot up the computer.

Normal looking start up screen. All teh junk about the drives hit escape to do stuff...blah blah. Then nothing. Blank screen. The screen of input 1 on the TV when nothing is on.

Odd I will reboot the computer again.

The same thing happened.

Jiggah wha??

Ok commence test the magicjack on the laptop.

Run grab laptop from upstairs, plug it in. Get magicjack to plug into it. Then it happened.


The screen started booting windows. Freaking wierd miracle, but miracle nonetheless.

I went ahead and installed the magicjack on the laptop so we can take it with us for christmas and fall break.

Then I plugged it back into the computer tower. Nothin.

I tried a port in the back. Nothin.

I tried every port on the thing (2 in the back, 4 in the front) Still nothing.



I put on the usb port extender (the thing they say to not use cause it can cause minimal interferance on the line. Miracle of miracles. The software loaded. And it didn't ask for the password. I called Rachel and left a second message including counting the time to see if it wuold shut down. Her machine ran out of space for messages. (heehee) (^_^)

So the phone is back in commission. And Daniel only left me like 6, 10 second messages. I really like that happy face. (^-^) (^-^) (^_^) Both are good. And since the baby has passed out I might even do a second post! In one day! Fancy fancy! Lots of these !!!!! (^-^)

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