Tuesday, October 7

Photo Post (and the bag I made)

Its now January 2004! I really should change the date on the camera...or at least turn it off. Well anyway: Here is the bag in all its glory (technically it needs ironed)

And below is my first zipper! I only ripped the whole thing out once (maybe twice) before I ended up using a glue stick to stick the suckah to the fabric, then sewed it in. To make it more confusing, there was a complete lining and then I had to add that on later.

Also, the zipper area had darts, but the patter was way confusing about it since it cut the excess fabric out of the pattern. After doing what looked like the picture I figured out what I was supposed to do and ripped them all out and do it right. And Below Gathered elastic pockets!

Holding the morning's diaper. Still clean!

A few moments later, the morning's diaper was on the move and no longer clean.

And from a couple of nights ago: Alice wants to work in a Chem Lab!!!

Except it was past her bedtime. Goodnight Alice!


Julie P said...

So cute. I love it. When I have a baby you are so making me one :)

Alice is adorable. We so need to try the picture thing again. Maybe she will like me more the second time and I won't get the evil death glare....

Let me know when on a friday and I will only work a half day and come up in the afternoon to do them...

Do you have anything againest Alice being in a tutu??? Had a cute idea for a picture.....

The Happy Housewife said...

Cute bag. I haven't attempted a zipper bag yet. I need to though. I don't like things falling out of my open bags.