Friday, October 31

Alice screams

That title is because, Lucky me, thats what she has been doing all morning. And all day yesterday. And the day before. Here is my brain, here is my brain on drugs, here is my brain after being screamed at by a monster for the last 52 hours.

Ok fine she sleeps, but I am at the point I want to shut her in a room and walk away. She will only be diverted from the screaming and pinching (yeah she learned how!) if she is taking the cards out of my wallet, or asleep.

I wish she would sleep more. Or lose her voice. How has she NOT lost her voice yet?

And so I blog. Not because I have anything in particular to say, but to to and not pay attention to the cries that don't end.

If she is NOT teething I will be so mad because I don't want to deal with similar actions when she actually IS teething.

Oh my goodness, for the love of humanity. Shush it.

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ohhollyf said...

I went through this with my guy, drove me crazy, after a couple weeks he stopped, no rhyme nor reason, hope she's done for your sake !