Wednesday, October 1

Alice is masochistic

(I found this that was written by Daniel...and I am posting it. Cause, he never posts. But he has drafts. Strange.)

So my child likes to hurt herself. Especially when she is tired. Or teething. Or waking up and alone.

Case 1: Tuesday night. I put Alice to bed. An hour and a half later she wakes up with a lovely hand print on her forehead (from sleeping on it) and a huge scratch/gash on the side of her head.

Case 2: I was holding her on the couch Wednesday evening and her ear was bleeding. Yeah, thats not normal. She had scratched at her ear enough to bleed. I had thought I had seen scabs there before, but it could have been dirt, this was fresh. So yeah, totally not cool.

Case 3: She got herself bruised up real good. I think its from when she was so excited she leaned her head back and lost her balance and fell against the computer tower. From a sitting position. Or she backed into a chair while sitting up??? All I know is she has a mystery bruise on the top of her head.

Yeah it looks like we beat our child. With very very tiny objects. It could be bad. I mean, on Bones the dead lady was killed by a staple. Those are tiny.

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