Tuesday, October 14

Fun in the Sun

Well, there is lots of things to probably post about the trip, but due to my lack of camera cord and no drive for the memory card on the laptop, you are getting random ramblings.

Its our last night in Florida. That means our last night of 70 degree nights and 85 degree days.

Alice got some sun. A farmer's tan to be exact.

We went to Turtle Mound/beach its part of a federal park. The waves were nuts and we played at getting run over by the waves. Daniel sat farther down since I had the baby, and by the time he stood up he had sand in his pockets (including his shirt pockets).

Ok, as I am writing this ALice went to see the great grandparents down the hall and Daniel is passed out and snoring on the floor. Good times. Ha, and I just scratched my head and got some sand under my nails.

The best part about the sand is that its tiny tiny pieces of shell. So its concave on one side. So it forms a suction on your body.

We also climbed to the top of Turtle Mound. Its not that big a hike, plus the whole thing is via a ginormous ramp (you know wheelchair accessible). The mounds are ancient garbage piles. Some tribe would winter down there, and throw all their shells in huge piles. So these hundreds of feet tall piles were the table waste. Wouldn't you like to see 800 feet tall piles of chicken bones?