Monday, August 3

Do you ever wish swearing would solve your problems.

That's me. Alice had a nasty sounding cough yesterday, so I opted to stay home with her. Mostly because I felt devoid of energy, and taking care of a sickish kid at church = denying them of toys, bubbles, and snack time.

Last night we go to bed. After 2 hours of lying in bed and coughing + insomnia, I got up. I spent a couple of hours answering yahoo answers. I know, what a great way to waste your sleeping hours, but it was something to do. In case you want to know how early we went to bed, well it was around 1 when I went back to bed. Part of why I went? Alice kept coughing and crying out in that sick voice.

Fast forward until its light outside. Cue Alice to stick her fingers up my nose and poke at my eye lids. Also, have her prattle on about things (I was really tired so it might have been about Daddy or morning or anything really).

After a good 20 minutes of this, roll over to look at the clock.


Do some mild swearing. You know, of the holy crap variety.

Hear Daniel in the hallway. Ask him to change the baby and shut her in the room with me. Try to sleep.

Cue wailing and beating on the door by little fists. Also, cue grabbing of my hand and tryign to drag me to the door. Also, cue the bladder to be full.

Moan and groan your way to the toilet, then take the child downstairs. She will drink some juice, eat a Tums (because she thinks they are candy, but after having crazy heartburn last night with the coughing, I could see it being a symptom). Then pass out.

On the couch.

On me.

I am going to try and lie down on the couch with her at least. I doubt I will have anything happen except her wake up and cry.

Do you ever wish swearing would solve your problems? For me it would need to solve fatigue. If it actually did I would have more bleeps than not bleeps this morning. Or at least until I got some rest.

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