Monday, June 29

18 Month Checkup

So we went to the doctors this morning. It was a fun day of getting measured (Alice barely made it in the lying down baby measuring bin) followed by pooping while we waited for the doctor. Yeah, smart me left the diaper bag in the car, all I had was a spare diaper. So we used some wet paper towels and warned the doctor.

Alice needs to eat either more cheese or yogurt to get enough calcium for the day.

She also has above average verbal skills. Aparrantly its pretty typical for kids her age to have about 5 words mastered. Now, a few of her words are only said if prompted, like Duck and Cat. And only for pictures of them, an actual cat or dog invokes growly noises. But yeah, thats what happens when you are at home all day with Mommy and Mommy doesn't like to be alone, talk talk talk.

Also, based on the rudimentary test, she does not have Autism. Go her.

The people that bought the place across the street are moving in. They have moved a trailer full of stuff twice now. Plus smaller things in cars. Maybe I will even go introduce myself and take them a plate full of fruit. Nothing is better on a hot summer day than cold berries and melon. Might I add, the cantelope we bought was surprisingly yellow, but oh so stinking sweet. Yum, its like eating candy. Summer produce is awesome.

Now if only my tomatoes would start turning red.

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Melinda Beth said...

I'm impressed with the above average verbal skills! My 17 month old doesn't say any words. She just grunts. But they say Einstein didn't talk until he was 3 (or something like that.)

Patience with the tomatoes. It seems like mine took forever and now I have more than I can handle.