Sunday, September 28

3am Post! Sweet!

So I watched the Women's Conference from the comfort of my house, which was great. I remember in years past going to meet with the stake and feeling the awesome spirit of sisterhood, but guess what, you can feel it at home too. Plus its much less interfering with baby bedtimes.

While Alice was a bit of a buttface during some of the talks, she was amazing during President Uctdorf. I think that has something to do with the fact that I typically lie down with her between 7:30-8 and by the time he spoke it was already 8. Lucky her, late night fun! OK she was pretty cranky until I told Daniel to stack up blocks into a tower for her to demolish.

For some reason it just makes me feel better to knock things over and destroy all order. I mean it makes HER feel better.

So President Uctdorf shared this little example about how men and women are different based on cooking styles. She makes fabulous foods from around the world set and some immaculate tablescape and they will sit down and she will say "I put too much ginger in this." or "Next time I will add this to it." etc etc. The food he cooks best? Fried eggs. Sunny side up. Or something that had a nice sounding name, which was twice toasted toast. And he said when he makes it he feels like a hero.

Gotta admit, the foods Daniel makes the best either come from a box or its...tada! eggs!. His even have cheese. Sliced American. And the eggs are barely cooked. And even though he scrambles them you never add milk. Milk doesn't add anything to eggs. Ever. Or so I have been told.

I don't think I am buch a hardcore cook though. Occasionally I will get a table set and have more than three foods on the table (like pasta, veggies, and fruit! or even more rare dessert). Yeah anything beyond cooking some one dish meal, or having some meat bread and veggie belong to company. And in our case, its the missionaries.

Why don't we have people over?

One word folks. Laziness.


Not that I am lazy. Its just the effort to invite people and find a time they CAN come, as well as planning a dinner. Ok I admit, company days are days I get to cook whatever I want. That means things that if cooked for Daniel will get the compliment "This looks god for what its supposed to be." Yeah, it looks and tastes like how curry is supposed to. Does he like it though? No. Does he even like the sides? No. Rice is ok.

Meh. I like rice, and I like to occasionally cook something amazingly different like curry! Or stinky stirfry. Cause soy sauce is gross.

Thats why sushi is great. I can make some, roll it and keep it in the fridge for whenever. Then slice and eat!

How did I get on this topic? Oh yeah, President Uctdorf. You know I can't even remember what else he talked about. I remember things from other speakers, but I am guessing waking up after being in bed for 4+ hours is getting to me.

Oh and people from the ward came and helped rip up our backyard! That means the fall yard project is now started and I can pressure Daniel into working on it more. As in actually grading the yard. ANd my homemade tortillas that I made the dough the refridgerated...they stuck together hard. Still tasted good, but they were funny shapes from peeling them apart.

FYI when you have kids, you will pass out at 9:30 sometimes. And when you get joined in bed at 1:30am by your husband, he will wake you and then you will be awake.

Maybe thats not a kid thing. But it happens to me at least half the time when he stays up late working on school. OK, I gotta get up in the morning. Not early, but I gotta get up. Plus my brain stopped working.

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3 am??? LOL I remember those days.