Monday, November 3

Sewing Project!

So I signed up to be part of a holiday/Christmas/cookie apron swap. And I am excited. Saturday we went to the fabric store. I went that day because they were having a sale on patterns. Of course, after looking at the patterns I decided to use a tutorial I saw online, so my fabric choices weren't the best. Ok let me rephrase. Its not that the fabric was bad, but I got more of it than I needed. Plus I wanted to do something different, so I got some ribbon. The potentially bad part is that the ribbon isn't 100% cotton (which was a rule) but its totally washable, and I think it looks cute, so I went with it. I suppose if my partner is against it I can make another one with a regular waistband, but FYI the ribbon is cute.

So I spent some time measuring and cutting my fabric, and I thought, this seems like it will be small. Of course once it started going together it seemed bigger, plus my partner isn't as rotund as I am. (how's that for an appropriate use of a word) But I will be needing a test subject to make sure it fits right for someone in the size 8 world. I might use my sister, who is no size 8, but the part that makes her a 10 is all the junk in the trunk. So I am sure she will be a good model.

So yeah anyway. I have been up and at em for 2 hours now, and the baby is still passed out in bed. Thank goodness for time changes! And in a few minutes I will be trying to finish the apron. If I get it done, even with my unstitching and redoing a few seams it will have taken like 5 hours with most of that time being chased around by a baby who thinks pin cushions are chew toys, and fabric should be played with. Especially ruffles. Ruffles are made for playing with. Even if they are only in the pinning stage.

I would post pictures, but my blog has been passed on to my partner, and at least half the fun is the surprise. Right? I will tell you, I went to the store and came home with three types of fabric. Only one was even in the holiday section (a cute blue with white snowmen) and it was scrapped. The classig red and green just looked better. Plus the fabric is deeper colors. I don't know if I lost some of the blue in the wash, but the red and greens turned out great.

But anyway, enough wasting time reading blogs and writing in mine, I have an apron to finish!

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The Happy Housewife said...

I hope you will share you pictures once you pass along the gift. I would love to see it!