Wednesday, February 3

Its [almost ]Thursday!

Today was nice. Well, except for Alice waking up at 5:30am and insisting the day was starting. Plus the bowl FULL of cereal and milk that she knocked all over her high chair and the floor. As a note, she was hungry and didn't relinquish the bowl until she hade emptied the remainder into her gullet.

But other than that it wasn't bad.

My friend Mary came over and entertained Alice for a couple of hours. That means I did dishes. And laundry. Though lets be honest I didn't get all the laundry done. But we do have clean towels and diapers and a load that's in the dryer of...something. I have no idea. And yes, I also have more diapers in the wash.

Diapers are never ending in this house. Diaper wipes are finite however. That is the main motivation for washing so often. That and the bins get full.

Daniel went to scouts, and woke me when he came home. But then Alice woke up. And Thomas did. And I got him back to sleep just in time to stare at the food ads for the week. I am planning a freezer cooking day again sometime, and I am watching the meat sales. Plus we NEED hamburger in the house. We are out and its a necessity around here.

Oh and anyone that is still reading my drivel and wants to do some freezer cooking some weekend with me...even if its just for a couple of meals...let me know. The assistance will be enough to get yourself at least a few meals for free. Plus I need recipe inspiration for a 20 lb turkey I want to thaw and use. So tell me what you like made from turkey.

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