Wednesday, February 10

Positive Thinking

Too many of my blog posts lately have been ruing the fact that I have 2 kids at home. But its not all bad. I just am really bad at the whole 'think positive' idea when I get royally pissed off. So the blog is a better place to leave everything than Alice. Plus screaming would probably wake Thomas and then BOTH kids would be angry. So its time to focus on the good things that have happened today. You know before I get hung up on the bad.

1. I got the trash to the curb before the trash collectors came by.
2. Alice ate all her breakfast and only managed to spill a little.
3. I washed whites.
4. I washed the cushion covers on the couch.
5. I washed diapers.
6. I cleaned up some nasty random crumb action that was crusted onto the pull out couch frame inside the couch. I also found out that the crappy innerspring mattress included with the couch wore away the pain from the frame...and we got some rust. Let's chalk that up to experience. Sleeper sofas are not meant to be the primary seating location in a home.
7. I put the covers back on the cushions.
8. I organized the shelf above the washer and dryer and only found one spider.
9. I brought the couch slip cushion from the shelf above the washer, and put it on the couch; stained side down.
10. I let Alice choose things from the fridge for lunch. She choose cheese and spinach. I gave her a whole wheat tortilla to go with it and some chicken sandwich meat.
11. I heard Thomas have a blowout style poo, and was able to change him before it actually blew out of the diaper cover.
12. I have had a little time to work on my freezer cooking menu to enter into Once a Month Mom's contest. I don't expect to win at all. But, this way I have all the recipes I think would be good to try in one place. If I win that will be $250 of mad money. Mad money is always exciting.


Julie P said...

Nothing more fun than explosive poos. I just got my first up the front, up the back, down the leg poo. Plus the whole diaper was full. It was insane. I had no idea how he had ALL of that in him!!!`

Melinda Beth said...

Wow! Productive day! Good job! said...

Ah, don't be so critical, you might just win! And yes mad money is fun. Can't wait to view your menu and have you join in on the fun this month.