Friday, February 19

The verdict is...

Thomas is a FATTY. Well, he is technically just large. Weighing in and measuring in at just under the 80th percentile. The kid is just under 12 lbs at 6 weeks. Fatty-pah-tatty.

Alice got round 2 of her flu shot. She has been up every 2 hours. Partly because Thomas has been up every 2 hours. The cries of Thomas are a siren to Alice's ears. I even went and lied with her at 1:30 when she refused to be consoled by Daniel. I explained that Thomas was already asleep so she didn't need to worry about him. Cause she kept saying his name between the wails.

I am on drugs. I am taking pills that make people happy. I am taking supplements that are also like happy pills cause they make people happy. I am on vitamins and such because I am feeding a parasite. I am on more drugs so I can poop because other pills turn that into a dramatic event. I am a walking pharmacy. 5 weeks 6 days until I can expect to know things really are right.


Kate said...

I promise it won't take THAT long for everything to kick in.

hang in there! you're doing a wonderful job. seriously.

disillusioned said...

Happy pills are wonderful least in my opinion!!!

Hope you can get some more sleep (and Alice too!)