Wednesday, February 17

Today we find out

What wrong with us!

Oh yes, doctor appointments for all. First one is at 10:15am. Daniel went in for 2 hours of work before we start the drudgery of multiple doctor appointments in a day.

I am just hoping for a solution. Everybodys gotta have a body; (apostrophe key is not working, strangeness) there aint no promises they they will work right. Its too bad we didnt have the option of buying an extended service plan. I would have totally been sold on that. Even if I had to lose something else to make that happen. I would gladly give up a couple of fingers or toes, just not the big toes.

In other news: We bought ourselves a bed last night though. So hopefully I can get a better nights sleep. (UGH This apostrophe thing is driving me nutso!) Its gonna be one of those memory foam things. Courtesy of and their 89% off plus $2.95 shipping. Daniel is sad that it will be slightly smaller than a regular queen sized bed since we bought the RV sized queen was 30% cheaper than the regular queen sized foam beds...and we are not too tall for a slightly shorter bed. Plus I dont expect to have too many problems losing 2 inches, maybe thats because I wont lose any inches, only Daniel will.

Now I stop writing because the desktops keyboard is driving me batty with some of the keys not working. At least I have all the letters and most of the punctuation.


Shauna said...

Please let Becca know she won a cookbook on my blog and to send me her mailing address asap to

Melinda Beth said...

I hope you enjoy your RV bed.

Sometimes the keys on my keyboard don't work because there is a crumb underneath it. I just have to blow on it and it usually solves the problem.