Monday, February 1

Ugh, It's Monday

I want to put myself on bed rest for my boob pain. It also makes it so I can't sleep. And i don't know if its because I am sleeping in strange positions to avoid boob pain, but my hips are freaking hurting like i am still pregnant.

I don't think I have a high enough fever to be considered mastitis, but who knows. I refuse to use the butt thermometer. Its the only one i know where it is off the top of my head. And its funny shaped for taking butt temps.

Nursing hurts. Even when its not hurting, Alice comes along and tries to pull Thomas off by his head. Its probably her fault I am in pain at all.

Daniel shouldn't come home from work because he was literally the ONLY person there at 7am. All the 7am and 7:30am people called in. The house is a freaking dump. None of the rooms are clean. Most of teh laundry is clean, but it needs folded or sometihng. The dishwasher never got taken care of by Daniel (like the last few times). The baby is crying, and probably needs changed because he has a freaking blistery butt rash. Alice is flipping out because I won't let her play with the Thomas (the cries are really just a summoning call). Oh and she refuses to wear clothing, then is cold all the time and drives me nuts with cold hands and feet down my pants.

I LOATHE mondays.

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disillusioned said...

Okay you---

So--when can I come over? I may have some time tomorrow morning---or maybe an hour between some other stuff on Wednesday. You totally sound like you need a BREAK! So let me know :). I know sometimes having a visitor is harder than just not having people over--but seriously--I'll hold baby (or entertain Alice) or clean something--whatever! Or maybe just take Alice so you can sleep!

Mary P.