Friday, August 8

The Cricle of Life

Oh yes, an homage to Elton John, or Disney, or lions.

So yesterday I found out that someone died. He was a member of the Stake presidency for years, and he was even my professor in pharmacy school for a couple of semesters. I was rather surprised. I mean, I know that the stake asked everyone to fast for him, but I didn't think know why really. I just knew that he had fallen sick quite suddenly. His obituary was rather impressive, I guess I didn't know how big their family was. Sometimes its sad when you think of someone's father/husband/brother/grandpa dying. I think that its mostly sad because you know that the person will be missed. I am glad that I know (and the family knows) that families are forever. I can't imagine what it feels like to think that everything just stops after the mortal existence. I don't even want to try. Sometimes things make you grateful for the things you tend to take for granted. Yay for the gospel in our lives. For that matter, yay for the comfort that we have through the Holy Spirit and the hope we can have because of the atonement.

So now I am getting to prepare a veggie tray for 10 (as if I know how much that is...yeah not really). And, for the record, the internet doesn't seem to know either. So I will just prepare a veggie tray, and maybe take along some extra stuff in baggies.

Rachel bought a car. It is a 96 something or other, and maroon. I remember all the important details, or rather the only important detail - the color. She also has the weekend off so she is visiting!!! I am so stoked!

Oh, and in other cool news, someone else is getting induced Monday. I bet this will be the longest weekend of her life. I am sort of excited and have started making little baby booties out of eco friendly felt. Yeah, thats what they call it now when they make it out of recycled pop bottles. Thats right, between the felt and stuff I already had around the house, they will cost me next to nothing while being tres chic, and cute to boot!

And somehow it must be dinner time...thats what Alice is implying through her whining and pinching...not to mention the constant drooling. She makes me think of Pavlov's dogs. :-)

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Kate said...

How about starting our walks this week, if you're not busy...and if it's not blisteringly hot. :)

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