Wednesday, August 6

My new Favorite Recipe!

So I have planned us an ongoing menu. It only includes dinner, and some days are very very vagues (like Wednesdays are Crock pot days) but the idea is that it will make grocery shopping easier, and give us something to look forward to.

Last night was pasta night. Did we eat pasta though? Nope. We did eat ice cream though. And some amazing cheese bread.

Its essentially Italian bread dough, topped with Italian dressing, some herbs, and cheese. It was actually really easy. In fact it was much easier than my usual adventure in baking bread. (Last week the adventure ended up in bread dough boiling out of the pans when it rose. Eek!)

I just mixed up regular flour, salt, sugar, yeast (though I didn't have the instant dry yeast, but it rose just fine, so whatever) then added water and some veg oil. Mix the suckah up, and knead (my idea of that is mashing it around in the bowl I was using adding flour if needed) then coat with a drizzle of oil and let rise. Since I didn't have no instant rising yeast it took more than the '20 min' the recipe famed, but it still rose. Anyway, smash it down, spread some Italian dressing around, sprinkle with herbs and put just enough cheese on top to cover. The recipe called for 8oz, I used maybe 4. Then bake!

When done 'tis like the glory of a papa Murphy's bread stick pizza thingy. Ah love.

And aside from the fact that Alice needed maintenance 2 minutes before it should have been done, it would have even looked glorious. Instead I turned the oven off, helped her out, came back to well browned cheese (not a bad thing, but slightly less 'ummy) and figured, whatever we can eat it after I pick up Daniel.

Anyway the offical recipe can be found here.

I am going to try it as pizza crust, since it tasted similar to digorno/freschetta plus its probably better for you. Thats right, mushroom pizza. Mushroom 'stroganoff' (doubt that counts as stroganoff if there is no meat) and eventually mushroom burgers. I bet those cook on the george foreman just fine.

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