Friday, August 1

Phones make me sad

I got mad.

I yelled.

I was hung up on by one rep.

I hung up on the second.

The automated menu disconnected me once. Yes even that computerized man hung up on me.

Yeah, good times. The second rep even asked if I was on a cell phone because he was having problems understanding me. No, I am talking on my home phone through your company, so if you can't hear me, its YOUR fault.

So for the last hour I have been on the phone getting lectured about how the FCC is charging me for this streaming radio. Yes, that's why AT&T sent the bill. After all, AT&T is the government. Oh, no wait they are just a giant phone corporation.

Then I called the radio people. They said on June 20th (could not provide a time or an IP address) I, Rebecca, signed up for streaming Internet. I told them they were lying. I told them that the phone bill is in Daniel's name. The charges on the phone bill, are listed separate from the rest of the bill, and they say his name.

She read off my email address as if that was proof that I signed up for the service. Um yeah, my email address must have done that.

I took the address down for the company and I will be requesting the IP address and time. Its $.43 cents that will give them more paperwork to deal with, and that makes me happy. I am also tempted to send in a small claims court form as I read on the internet that someone did it and the company offered then $200 plus their refund to not file a court case. Also, I am pretty annoyed that they said that I had already been charged a second month and that it would likely take 2 months for the refund to even show up on the bills coming from AT&T.

That means I have to actually send in a letter with my payment stating that I am not paying for the streaming radio thing. By the way, its 700 channels Commercial free! I was so glad they told me, maybe I will go click on some junk mail so I can get signed up for it again.

I was also told by Linda #319 (that's what she said was her name) that I may have been signed up by filling out a survey online, or some offer for a free gift card. Well, now that sounds like one heck of a scam right there. Everyone knows that those gift card things are strange, and if they are going to be charging you they have to say so. I have read their privacy statements and their terms of service. I know. I sort of sounds like pfishing. Now granted our web history is maybe a month old, so I have no CLUE if it was or not.

I did file a complaint with the FCC though. I also stated that they said I was getting a refund, but I had not seen it, and I believe its fraudulent anyway. I even told them, that if they do get into some loophole, its still bad business practice.

I am drained. I want to shut down. I want ice cream. No, I actually don't. But I want to do something mindless. Perhaps play Final Fantasy. Perhaps even Daniel's game.


Sam said...

I never do anything thats "free" on the internet. Its all crap. Give us your e-mail address, give us your home address, give us your number, etc... and we'll give you X free! Load of garbage.

I think it would be cool if you took them to small claims court. I like the idea of that. Makes me want to do that if I ever find myself in a similar situation.

Also, how are you liking FFXII?

nannergirl said...

yeah, do the whole court thing. everything they say to you on the phone, say you want it in writing.