Wednesday, August 13

Nights of Torture

Alice has started being evil at night. Her sleep schedule got really messed up when she was sick 2 weeks ago, but I thought we had recovered.

Lets just say Monday night she woke up wailing at 2am...refused to take a pacifier (boob or otherwise) and was an all around butt. At 3am, we got up. We got up and watched half of Pygmalion. At just after 4am she decided boobs were her friends and nursed herself to sleep. Lets just say Daniel and I were both tired yesterday.

Last night was a similar action. Only instead of it beign 2am, she just refused to go to bed. We finally sat her between us, with youtube music videos playing. I was almost asleep when she decided that she wanetd to sleep. It was midnight. Midnight!!! I don't even stay up that late.

So now I am sort of torn. I am glad that she is weaning herself from the pacifier, but why am I becoming the pacifier of choice? (She will literally scream more if you try and put the pacifier in her mouth) She also is talented enough to pull up on things that she can grab, chair legs, people's clothes, etc; so, if we even wanted to put her in the crib we would need to lower the mattress. In that case there is no freaking way we could get her in while she was asleep. She already wakes up and freaks out as it is.

My hope is that she has teeth that are just under the surface and driving her mad. I even gave her Tylenol last night in hopes we could all just go to bed. I don't know if it helped or not, but an hour later she was ready to sleep.

I miss the pacifier. :-(

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nannergirl said...

Boo for no pacifier. Those things are awesome.