Sunday, August 3

Sam made me Mad!

So, we canceled our service with Sam* yesterday. It's actually going to go through on next Friday. We did it because he was giving us ridiculous charges. I mean, why would he want us to give him like 33 cents a minute for long distance calling? If you go to Sam's website there isn't even such a plan there. The only plan he has is 12 cents a minute, atleast the only one that doesn't cost anything... So... since Sam's hours of operation aren't very good we couldn't call him, so we had to trust his website that was full of lies.

So basically, Sam charged us for like 110 minutes of long distance at about 33.2 cents a minute when we were expecting it to be 12 cents a minute. I guarantee that is not what they told us it would cost when I last talked to him either but whatever. And yeah... when I went and talked to him on the phone about it, he acted like I was stupid. He said "Well, that plan is only available on the internet, and since you already have the phone you can't have it. Now if you'd had a plan you wouldn't of been charged so much." Rebecca even told him that we could probably have called from a pay phone for less and HE AGREED!!! Sam is a jerk. I told him to cancel my phone service.

So for all of you that care, as of Friday our phone number 785 331 2788 will be disconnected and anyone wanting to call us will have to call our other number that I have forgotten but we can let you know if you harass us or whatever. And we'll make sure to post eventually. I apologize to those whose phone service claims we don't have a phone, but we do. If you can't call us but need to talk you can resort to e-mail and have us call you... Sorry, but Sam made us mad so we had to cancel.

*All references to Sam should actually be referring to AT&T. This was done just to mess with Sam


nannergirl said...

Hang sam from the ceiling by his teeth. And by saying that, I mean send them a small claims court thing.

nannergirl said...

I googled oam services inc, and the first result i got was "OAM services inc - billed for services not applied for"

Sounds spiffy.

Sam said...

I like to charge around 40 cents a minute to my clients, but tell them it'll only be 11. It makes for a big turn around. :)

But ya, that sounds completely ridiculous. Why not just refuse payment (unless you already paid)? Sometimes people like that make me want to write malicious code...

hahaha... Ok, well not really cause that kind of thing can really catch up to you.