Friday, August 1

5am Rants for $15

Its hot. Hot enough that I woke up and couldn't sleep until I got a drink of water. That was over 30 minutes ago.

When I got downstairs the light from the computer that was left on beckoned me. Come, see the world.

OK, not really, but I figured I would pay our phone bill and see if we had any moeny to pay it with. I.e. Daniel who has been told he deserves a raise since January is actually expecting one. Now I checked with the bank, and I can't even tell if he got the raise or not. It seems to be more that the last few checks, but he might have done more OT. Well, expect an update on that.


Back to why I blog.

The phone bill.

It was $72. No, seriously, thats like almsot twice our typical cost.

So I began the whole, what the heck is my username and password to actually get the bill. I usually get the total from the email and pay them through bill pay, no need to look at the bill when its the same within $1 every month, right?

So I admit, I am partly at fault. You see, Rachel came home from her mission. I like Rachel. Call it good times/family bondage/memories. So yes, I racked up $20 worth of long distance in a month. ONe phone call was almsot $10. Thats pretty impressive actually.

But there was this other charge...for streaming radio??? What the heck. I googled "OAN Services Inc" because the bill lists them way after all the regular phone bill stuff. Its some third party company that seems to have been signed up for everyone with AT&T home service. Um, for real now thats fraudulent. I can also expect them to read off my name, phone number and address and email address as if I had set up the service myself. (well technically Daniel as his name is on the bill) I am not even that angry, but I do sort of want to call them myself and get angry. Its just too strange.

ok, its 5:15 and I am out.


Sam said...

Seriously, why do companies think its OK to sign you up for services you don't want and ... NOT INFORM YOU!!!

I am so with Rachel on this. No service (especially set up with automatic payments) should ever be added without explicit consent.

One of the higher ups in that company really needs to get the lights knocked out of him I think. Sure you can yell at their support services over the phone to your blue in the face, whatever, but we all know that will make 0 difference. However, yelling at employees over dumb things their company does tends to make me feel better at least. :)

Well, hopefully you can get your money back on this surprise service (still shocking they did that).

What service do you use anyways?

Kate said...

I'm thinking maybe walking on Tuesday/Thursday, job pending...???

And it should be illegal, signing people up for other services without their permission...sheesh..