Friday, August 15

What's up with the Olympics?

Tonight I figured, lets watch some online Olympic action. I mean all the real awesome sports aren't even broadcast.

Like Fencing, table tennis, and the classic Handball. Handball, that's silly enough to maybe even be interesting. Besides, its China verses Brazil. Those Latino's are going down.

Imagine my suprise that in order to watch online you have to download Microsoft Silverlight. Yeah, that's right, only the biggest names can let you watch the Olympics. NBC on TV, ATT on phone TV, and Microsoft for online coverage. Hmmm, oh yeah, the man is in charge of the Olympics. I think that sort of defeats the ideas behind the Olympics, but whatever.

So I download the software and install it.

Then it tells me I can't watch with the option I gave. I told them I watch broadcast TV, NBC with an antenna. Not good enough to watch it online.

What are you kidding me?

I said I have Sunflower (The local monopoly of a cable company) and tada, I am allowed to watch it.

To be even more annoying the Silverlight software shut down this browser window while I was writing the blog. So much for watching Handball. Microsoft, stop taking over my computer. There is a reason why I was using Firefox.


nannergirl said...

I think that the reason why the olympics is monopolized probably relates to the reason why there are 10 year old Chinese girls doing women's gymnastics when they are supposed to be at least 16.

nannergirl said...

Oh, and Michael Phelps has ADD.

Becca said...

I so don't get your comment, who is that?

And you never know, those girls might be 16, they just haven't hit puberty. Other countries are different than here.

nannergirl said...

Michael Phelps is the swimmer who just broke a billion world records and won like 7 gold medals in one event. The media won't shut up about him.