Friday, August 29

What have I done in a week?

1. Took down the living room mini blinds, scrubbed them and put them back up. Did you know they are a very light off white? We thought they were beige. Ha. Of course the set for the double window was too big for the tub, so it needs some TLC, but you can't see the spots until its dark outside and you look from the inside. :-) The only down side is that the oxyclean I used (or my powerful muscled scrubbing) took off some of the paint. But you have too look to see. Plus they are easier to open and close! Sweet. Cost=FREE

2. I cleaned the oven door. You know the glass window where you can look at what you are cooking? Well, ours was pointless as the only thing visible was brown shadows. I got out a screwdriver and took the cover off of the insulating part of the door. Started cleaning the glass there and realized, I have to take that piece of glass out, since the brown stuff was on the other side of it. So I got the drill and the hex heads out, a few minutes later I had the piece of glass in my hands. I tried just using dish soap to clean, but that stuff has been on there for probably 10 years, so I got smart and dumped some powdered dishwasher soap on it then scrubbed that around with a damp cloth. Most of the time I use a small amount of liquid soap in the dishwasher, and reserve the powdered for the nasty baked on pots and pan. It worked. Maybe 30 minutes later I was screwing the whole thing back together. Cost = 2 hours of a whiney baby (she was just acting clingy, so she sat on the floor by me and complained. It happens.)

3. I put up a towel rack in the guest bathroom. Anyone that has been to our house might know that the guest bathroom was once the home of the washer and dryer. Some previous owner put in a half bath. Its tiny and pretty scary. But there was already holes and anchors in for a towel rack so I had a really easy time screing in the joints, then hand tightening the anchoring thingy. We didn't have a screwdriver thin enough so I ended up with a butter knife. But, hey we can now hang towels in there! Cost = $1 a few motnhs ago? (we got two at a yard sale for $1 and now one is up. Give me some time and I will get the second one upstairs!

4. I got food poisoning. Yeah Tuesday was fun. I was supposed to go visiting teaching, and once Daniel got home I got in the shower, but once I got out, I sat down and it felt so good to not be standing. He called and informed them I wasn't coming. Cost = not time hanging with soem awesome chicas

5. I got visit taught. Is that the right phrase? I loved the topic for this month. It was just an all around Women are amazing! Divine nature rocks! It was a total throw back from being in Young Womens. Cost = vacuuming? Just kidding, this was just a great thing.

6. I didn't blog. At all. Its impressive. I even started a couple of posts and either Alice wouldn't let me finish them, or they ended up sounding so dumb I decided whatever. Cost = bored readers. I know all of you religiously check here, or are directed here by Daniel's posting in his little forum that we have new Alice pictures. Either way the ticker is going up and that makes me feel important in a not so important way.
I was almost inspired enough by cleaning the oven door, to post a tutorial (since its impossible to find one online. I looked, I know) but I couldn't find a second battery for the camera. I think the rechargable batteries are in some Alice she doens't even play with very often.

7. Oh and I got a bunch of the music for RS picked out. I have at least a month totally done, and a few other weeks. All I need now is soem willing pianists. Or, with my luck, to get released and into a new calling. Actually, if that happens I am totally cool with it. I have had that calling for 3 years now I think. But, thats how calling work in our ward sometimes. Since its a student ward, most of the ward is transient. That means if you don't leave, they tend to keep you in the same calling. I think thats partly because its easier. My calling I had before this was as a teacher and I was in that calling for 4 years. Finally the relief society president said, you have had this calling since before I got mine, and I have had 3 sets of counselors and she released me. I was sort of excited at the time, but soon I missed teaching. Oh well, I am sure thats how things go. Even when you are excited for a change, there are things you miss about the past.

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