Tuesday, August 5

Mushroom, mushroom!

Badger badger badger badger...ok the title reminded me of one of the most pointless, yet catchy youtube videos/songs.

So last night for Family Home Evening we learned about getting the most for your money. Alright, we went grocery shopping. But we found some great deals.

First, peaches were 99 cents/lb at Checkers. Daniel likes peaches. I like peaches, and even Alice likes peaches. She is like, attack that fruit! I just let her chew on the big fruit as seh seems to find that enjoyable, and doesn't spit any out that way. We of course had one after the 'lesson.' So that was exciting.

Then as we were walking I saw a sign that said all Portobello mushrooms that are marked sliced, but are whole are 59 cents. I got three. I couldn't help myself. Mushrooms are like fancy, rarely eaten foods in our house. Maybe its because Daniel doesn't like them very much, but they are YUM! (As you can see, I do.) I just don't know what to do with a pound and a half of portabello mushrooms. I have found a recipe called "Killer Shitake Recipe" and I know they mean killer in a wow, cool dude, awesome, way. But its funny to think of them as murderous fungi. Plus, I am sure the recipe works well for portobellos as well. Though, honestly they will most likely end up in stroganoff.

We also found some cereal that made Daniel happy. Can we say Chocolately Pebbles? Yeah it was the cheapo brand, but he never, ever gets that stuff because the real deal is NEVER on sale. As a funny side note, when put in milk, the chocolate coating stuff comes off and you have regular looking crip rice in chocolate milk. Yeah, thats quality. But it tastes fine, so he might start eating it often.

Oh, and the thing that has been stressing us out at the house is here. Thats right, tuition is due today. Soon our credit card will have $1020 on it. :-( We know that even if it takes us 4 months to pay any of it, and we pay the whole thing at the same time, we will spend the same amount as if we enrolled in the tuition payment plan but its still a sad sad day. Oh well, once the Financial Aid office actually reviews the tax forms then he can accept whatever aid is offered, and we are set until we get reimbursed in January. Le sigh.

Oh, and Daniel had a great dream relating to this. We got some modifications done by two professors to our car so it could go to space! And we found a ginormous diamond! Then the car broke down. :-( And the repair bill was going to be 150K. So he was like, well maybe the professors can help us out. The younger professor said he would start putting $500 every 6 months into an account for us. The older guy said he would buy the diamond for 100K. Daniel thought the diamond was worth more and said no. The something happened and the diamond got chipped. Alice dropped it or something. He took the diamond to a pawn shop and they offered him $1000 since it was chipped. He took it out of despairation. We went back to the car shop and the mechanic said that after he watched the car for a while it was fine. So he would take $50 for his time and we would be ok.
Moral of the story: don't get space modifications on your vehicle.


Sam said...

That dream sounds awesome.

The moral is no space modifications to your car, but it sounds sooo cool!!

Michelle said...

You should make mushroom burgers. Just cut the stems off, through it on the grill (just like a regular beef pattie) then put it on a bun with all the regular burger stuff. So good! Portabella mushrooms have a really meaty texture, which means they work great as a meat substitute. The things you learn as a vegan....

nannergirl said...

You could have stuffed mushrooms. Or make mushroom pizza. I love mushrooms.