Monday, September 8

Cooler weather and teething

Well it feels like fall is here. Its been drizzling and cool for a few days, the leaves are starting to die and fall and I somehow have tomatoes finally growing. My guess is that it will get too cold and we will have green tomatoes, but you never know.

Alice has Teeth! Well right now we are looking at tiny little nubs on the gumline, but if you stick your finger in her mouth, tada teeth. I have a efeling that every time we get teeth we are gonna be facing torture though. Forget the middle of the night crying, the worst part is the fevers. She spiked to 104.4 yesterday morning.

You see, the fever was discovered Friday morning, and it was rather low (about 101.4 without tylenol) so we figured what the heck, she will be fine. She was also somewhat cranky and acted sleepy all day. Besides, she was goign to bed earlier and earlier and some nights waking up every hour, but the last few we got a few hours without hearing from her once. It wasn't a big deal as it was pretty much the weekend and I can get baby duty relief, right?


Someone hadn't done any school work during the week. None. In fact the only thing he did Friday night was the discussion online thingy that he had to do.

Saturday morning he went to his Chem lab. It was rainy and gross, and the baby was cranky but wouldn't allow me to sleep.

The teacher had indicated that the lab would only take them until noon. He came home around 2:30.

Daniel was banished to take a nap and do homework. We went grocry shopping. Daniel decided he wanted rice crisy treats (and we have TONS of cereal but never remember to buy marshmallows), we needed a vacuum belt and I just wanted out of the house. We went to Dillons and the price of marshmallows made Daniel decide we were going to Hy-vee. Dillons is closer, but they tend to be the most expensive store in town.

So off to Hy-vee on the quest to find a vacuum belt. (and get marshmallos for less than $1.60 a pound, i mean come on marshmallows are sugar and fat...why spend that much for Generic brand?) So I had no clue where the vacuum belts would be, or the marshmallows. So we ended up going down 6 or so aisles before finding Marshmallows (not on the baking aisle but 2 aisles down with the Jello) and vacuum belts.

In our quest to find the marshmallows we ran across the canned food aisle. And everything was on sale. And we have no canned food. I prefer frozen veggies, or fresh, but canned is really handy, and it was a great price, so we got some...or rather TONs. I don't think I have bought that many canned foods at a time ever.

We also bought 4 bags of marshmallows. Yeah. I know its excessive.

continues in part know when the baby lets me.

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