Tuesday, September 16

I fixed the back door!

So our back door stopped opening. It had been fine, then it got really hot and we finished putting the back of the house back on, and tada...its no longer functioning.

It only took a couple of months of me not being able to open the door to see if I could fix it without removing door trim and the whole nine yards. You see, there had been this little Styrofoam pad thingy on the top of the door and I took it off when we put them in (cause I thought I should) but it left behind some glue residue.

Well Being the smart one I am, I got a butter knife and a folding chair and Monday night I scraped glue off the door.

In about half an hour I had lots of little glue blobs sticking to my hands and fingernails, but the door opened and shut just fine.

I did wish I had some goo gone, but it was a such a small area I let that wish go away.

After cleaning off the glue, I wiped the residue with an alcohol based cleaner.

Thats it folks!

On a side note, I actually opened the door myself before scraping it. I hadn't been able to open it all summer (you know since it hit triple digits around the beginning of July). In celebration I pulled up some of the weeds growing in the back yard. (We are going to have a fall project of pulling up everything growing in the back and seeding and prepping a garden spot.)

I stopped when I ran into leaves of Three let them Be!

(Turns out they had thorns on them which equals brambles (blackberries/raspberries) and not poison ivy! Of course once I did that research I had rinsed with cold water, wiped with alcohol soaked cotton ball, AND showered. Cause you know you can't be covered in poison ivy when you have a tiny someone that wants to live on your lap.

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