Monday, September 1

Sugar Crash

We went to the farm for Labor Day. *grumble grumble grumble* It was alright.

We ended up calling my cousin that lives in town, and figured if she actually wanted to go we would go and take her along. Lets just say 2 hours each way, with a baby AND holiday scary drivers...not my idea of a great day. The cuz was excited about kittens (which went into hiding before we even got there, and were never seen) and Rachel sounded so sad about not seeing us (even though because of the 'meal at the farm' thing we were only there maybe 2 hours and didn't hang with Rachel much as my mother monopolized her time with food stuff).

Partly I find the whole thing annoying. They decided this would happen, and planned it Friday at some point. I saw one of the earlier emails and then about 4 more Saturday evening. Its like my mother has the idea that if they get a paid holiday they should meet with EVERYONE. I mean come on, we met on the 4th of July. And the Farm is about an hour farther away. I am not complaining about being with family, and really not even so much complaining about being on the farm. Its just so so so far away. And we havent' seen Daniel's family in months. And since we are celebrating Christmas with thier Family in October, we will be forced to drive to the farm two more times this year. We told them that we refuse to drive there at least one of the holidays, you know since we are spending Christmas with Daniel's family. Even if its not at the traditional Christmas time. I know the holidays are about families, but what about OUR family.

And, today we were going to replace out kitchen faucet that has dripped since we bought the place. The same one that we bought a faucet for and have had for about 10 months. Yeah that one. Its not even a cute faucet, and I sort of would like to go pick out a cute one, but really I would be happy with anything that does not drip. Or have so much mineral deposits that I can peel them off with my fingernails. I guess the current one doesn't have that anymore.

We still have to feed the missionaries tonight. Ugh. They were going to be part of the excuse to not go to the farm. Well, one bonus, we ended up getting sent home with lots of extra food. Meaning, I don't have to cook. I can nuke (or serve cold) the fried chicken, and baked beans, and potato salad is always cold. So tada, dinner is done. I almost want to not eat at the table. Partly because I am not hungry and we eat in an hour. If we don't eat at the table, its not so noticeable that Some of us are forgoing the food.

And I used And alot in this post. Plus, I used alot. Is that even a word?


nannergirl said...

It's a lot.

Jarom Smith said...

I didn't go to "the farm". I suppose I missed out on some great conversation and company potatoes.