Friday, September 26

Follow the trail of crumbs...

So Alice decided to play Hansel and Gretel with me. I gave her a roll to eat and she took it with her on an excursion of the downstairs. Ok, it was from the computer room to the living room, but whatever.

So I hear her cry. I ignored it cause sometimes she just wants to know someone will find her and I figured if I called she would come.

Unless she was on the stairs.

She didn't come, and cried again. Great she is on the stairs. I knew I should have put up the baby gate. She has this thing where she wants to stand, and will climb up the legs of chairs, tables, people etc to get standing. Then she is stuck.

Its a similar thing for stairs. She climbs up a step and gets stuck.

Well I go to get her, and I notice that she left some crumbs of her roll on the carpet, I assumed I would run into the remainder of the roll, but no just lots and lots of crumbs.

And there she was on the stairs. Almost past the turn! Dang it. The turn had stumped her for a while now. Alas, she will be much more dangerous soon.

I grabbed her, out her on the floor, put up the baby gate. Then I saw it.

Thats strange. Was that here this morning? Is it a poopy diaper from last night? That would be Daniel's fault, and why he left that there is beyond me.

Then I saw Alice starting to stand using her swing's legs. I saw her pink rear sticking out. I was mooned.


I picked her up and realized her dress was wet.

Double crap.

I went and grabbed the diaper. It was also wet.

Dang it.

I grabbed her and the diaper and went to get a dry one and dry clothes. I got the diaper on her and started taking off the wet dress.

She IMMEDIATELY started taking off the diaper.


We like BumGenius diapers. We really do. But she has learned that if you grab at the velcro you can be free.

So I put her in a one piece outfit that snaps in the crotch. Try to get the diaper off now!

So yeah, I get to vacuum up a trail of crumbs, and clean up a wet spot on the stairs. Oh yeah, and I get to start shopping for a couple of diapers that are stuffables like BumGenius but use padlocks, chains and electricity to keep them on and little hands off.

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