Wednesday, September 3

Today needs to be a cooking day

So I haven't checked the garden in almost a week. I know, thats not allowed. I had one zucchini still on the plant last time I was there and I was monitoring it from the computer room window. Only it ended up that that zucchini composted itself and I was monitoring a different one. Oops. Here is what I found:

For the record our tile is 12x12. Yeah the big one was too big for me to carry while holding Alice.

Alice saw the camera and got excited! It took me 2 minutes of shouldering the back door to get it open. I am not sure why it seems to want to stay shut. Maybe 'tis humidity or heat, or something happened that warped the frame? Who knows. I just know I don't want to have to take it out of the house to get it in right. Yucky.

I forced her to lie down by the zucchini to compare sizes. She didn't like it very much. Notice the pointing finger. Thats her new thing. Pointing. What a rude little baby.

As you can see sitting up next to the zucchini was more acceptable. So now I just need to motivate myself to cut them all up and freeze them for stir fry and zucchini bread. You know come winter when we won't have a prolific garden. Instead I vacuumed. And I cleaned out the sink. We bought a bag of 10 lbs of chicken legs that I want to cut into pieces and stuff, but I need lots of sink space for that. Sink space and disinfectant. Gross, raw meat.