Saturday, September 20

Saturday is a Special Day

Its the day we get ready for Sunday!

Well I don't know how much of what is going on today is in preparation for Sunday, but whatever. Alice woke us up late (as in around 8am) out of the kindness of her heart. We had decided to go grocery shopping and wanted to do it either quite early or quite late. So off we went.

We found some random gerat deals at Aldi. The strawberries were starting to die so a pound of them were 85 cents. I went through a few before I found a container without visible mold, but its worth it. Strawberries (no matter Daniel's dislike for the seeds) are the food of gods. I am soaking them in some vinegar water and I plan on hulling them and freezing them. Oh my goodness, I just remembered that freezer jam is made from strawberries. *Drool* Of course I would need some geletain, and I don't know if I want to actually go to the store again. Oh well, freezing the strawberries is still a good plan.

We also got 75 cent bacon cause it expires next week. That will be frozen as well. Possibly even cooked and frozen, but I have no desire to cook bacon. Its yummy stuff, but such a hassle to get to. Then again if I actually cook it, it will be more handy for the days I actually cook breakfast.

And then when we were just about to check out they had a huge cart of bread that was marked 20 cents a loaf. I already made one of the loaves into ham & cheese sandwiches and threw them in the freezer. Then I noticed the date on the loaf of bread we were already using was the 19th, so we are finishing that off before touching the next one.

All in all it was a productive morning.

I also looked at the bulk bins at Hyvee. Its all 'organic' stuff so that can mean overpriced (to me since I think most of the "organic" hype is just hype. And yeah, I am not paying $12/lb for organic oats. I don't even like oatmeal. The lentils that were 70 cents/lb thats a maybe. I did want to see what flax seed looks like, but it was empty. In fact there was lots of palces that weren't stocked on all the aisles. It was strange. Usually you go to Hyvee and see Tons of food on the shelves, especially the produce. Plus it always looks really fresh. But today, I only found one last bag of oranges and it looked nasty (and yes it was organic as well). See pesticides and wax mean my food stays fresh longer. :-)

Oh yeah and we are getting set apart for our "New" (as in additional) Joint calling. Yeah the bishopric has a thing for this. They call husband/wife or companionship teams for several callings. I guess you have a back up that way, but I have never seen it in other wards. So we are now also sacrament meeting choristers. I told Daniel that its pretty much his job, and I will be backup. I mean come on I tend to do lots of the bulletain every week, so he can do lots of arm waving every week. Plus I still have additional callings in Relief Society. Yeah. Alice is grumbly.

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