Friday, September 5

*grumble* Rude Financial Aid Laws

I was going to call them dumb laws, but I guess it makes sense... Anyway, I will describe this using the analogy that Rebecca mentioned.
Basically, there is a financial aid credit based upon
1. GPA
2. Total attempted classes &
3. Percentage of passed classes over attempted classes.

Basically, I have bad credit. I got financial aid this semester because they always approve new students at this school. However, based upon the criteria of #3 I do not qualify. I'm not talking about student loans specifically I'm talking about any financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships. Of course, I never knew that this would matter and conceptually had never even considered the idea. Then again when I previously went to school I didn't want to get financial aid and didn't even attempt to get it. But... regardless due to #3 with my dropped classes or stopped attending classes I don't qualify. The sad part is that if I were to pass every class I take from now on I would not qualify under #3 until I have already not qualified under #2. Well, that's true at least with the community college. Now, with the 4 year college that I would go to their % requirement for #3 is actually higher. Assuming they count everything that I think they will that means that I wouldn't qualify for #3 until I've actually already gotten my degree. Can't we just forget about Waubonsee? The 4 year college probably won't even accept anything from there.

I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed that no one ever told me about this, and that I was naive enough to think I could waste my money by enrolling in school and then letting myself drop out and that it wouldn't have greater repercussions in the future. It also annoys me because if I had gotten financial aid before, I would of forced myself to complete my classes. Well... Now I know what to tell my kid if I end up having one like me. It still feels pretty unfair.

I guess I'll get to appeal things... every semester for the next 4 year or so. :-S

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Kate said...

I had to go through the same thing and completely agree at how ridiculous it is!!!!!