Thursday, September 4

I want to stay at home...

So I was looking for something about making a food menu using the Angel Food Ministries food box. This is something I read about and we are taking one for the team and trying it out. I mean its $30 worth of food, and even if we don't care for all of it that much, we will suck it up and eat it anyway. Even if we have to have the missionaries over for dinner every week for a month. :-) Anyway, back to the reason for the post.

I didn't find what I was looking for, but I ran across this lady's blog. I would post a link if I thought it was a satire, but I am almost positive its not, so I feel bad thinking the whole thing is so funny. So she is a stay at home wife, and she goes to great great lengths to find work at home. I am talking she writes little articles, runs her parent's store website, take photos, and blogs. And she blogs hard. She defends adamantly her choice to stay at home and take care of the house/4 dogs. She defends her choice to not work and hang out with family. She defends the fact that she works 40+ hours a week and makes less than $200/month (according to her tallys on her blog)

I laughed. I read them to Daniel. He laughed.

Now I cannot understand wanting to stay at home by myself with 4 dogs. Ever. There are days I don't want to be with Alice, but the nice thing about having a kid...they learn how to talk and bathe themselves. That's 2 things dogs don't do. Plus even when she is dirty she doesn't smell like wet dog.

Somedays I feel really unproductive at home. Thats mostly when money feels tight. But then I find myself some project and we are good. Like making grocery bags/whatever bags out of old Tshirts. The first one is housing 4 zucchini and 10 lbs of potatoes in the pantry. (For the record I did some 'cooking' but I haven't touched the zucchini. Someone needs to help me with that!

I did slice a few pork steaks and debone some chicken breasts and throw them with marinade in some baggies in the freezer. There was some pork in a soy sauce marinade that would make great stir fry...maybe we will break Friday night Pizza tradition and make stirfry instead. Poor poor Daniel. He even bought cheese for the pizza.

I also have like 20 mismatched/hole in the toe socks. Something should be made from them. Daniel suggested a Tshirt. I guess that way I could make Tshirts out of old socks, and bags out of old Tshirts and it would be the circle of life. I should turn a Tshirt bag into socks. It would be great. (cue Cicle of Life)

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Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by! Here's another link you might be interested in for menu plans using Angel Food boxes (it's not free but very reasonably priced):

Here's some recipes for your "zucchini overload":

Have a wonderful weekend.