Wednesday, June 24

Alice loves bran flakes

So I discovered something strange today. For the second day in a row Alice has stolen some of my bran flakes over her super sugary Captain Crunch (ok its the cheap brand, but you get the idea). She even got mad at me for eating out of my own bowl. I ended up tossing most of her cereal while she ate quite a bit of mine.

She even wants the box of cereal as a snack.

Strange no?

Then I figured out her strange love of them in a totally gross way.

I thought she was picking her nose, but she was shoving little bits of bran flakes into her nose. What the heck.

She even sneezed and out came a piece of bran flake. They are off limits unless they are in a cereal bowl with milk now.

Who knew bran flakes would need regulated like this.

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Jarom Smith said...

Maybe she likes the smell?