Thursday, June 18

We got our Couch Fixed...

That ellipse is because, well you see, its not even 10 PM and the couch is broken again. In fact, it was broken within an hour of the repair guy leaving. You see, the little bracket he added to the side of the piece that had been detached from the frame....

The screw marks you can see in the second picture, thats where the bracket was attached to that piece of the frame.

Nebraska Furniture Mart's repair people only come to Lawrence on Thursdays.

If they don't fix it absurdly next time, I will be rather pissed. I am already pretty annoyed. The sales lady didn't explain we were looking at bottom of the line furniture when we bought it. The repair guy implied it was total crap, since it didn't even have any metal brackets, and supposedly they all come with them.

Well, looks like we will be using this 1 year warranty. A whole stinking lot.

I will be sitting on a chair dreaming of a fixed couch. Maybe we will even give some ultimatums, cause this is total crap. I am super bummed out.

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