Monday, June 1

Still coughing, plus garden surplus!

Yesterday, this week was looking REALLY stressful. Its probably not going to be bad, as long as we can all start getting better. I feel a million times better than yesterday, but I still have this horrible cough and a tendency to sleep 12+ hours a night. Alice, who even went to the doc on Saturday morning, now has an evil cough that even woke her up a few times last night. I should call the doc and see what we can give her since she is pretty young, but I really want to put that off since I also have said cough. And cough drops and tussin medicines together helped, but didn't stop all coughs. Trust me, I was sucking those cough drops all day yesterday, and I still had a few coughing fits.

I also should be calling a million people to remind them about LINK and possibly give directions to our house or arrange pick up for thier food. I am horribly tempted to just lie in bed all day. Or at least on the couch. Alice is amusing herself drawing in a magazine, so she should be relatively easy to deal with because of that. Plus she also feels like crap which means she doesn't want to run around outside. Poor kid.

My garden could also use some water and weeding. I think I grew WAY too much lettuce. Anyone want some salad?

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