Sunday, June 7

How does your garden grow?

Well, here is the overview of my garden. Its looks all green and growing. The yellow flower is some mustard spinach I didn't recognize, so its probably too late to eat it. Most greens don't taste good once they flower. Oh well, at least I know which ones are the turnips now.
Hidden by the turnips is this little herb. Basil! It was a total experiment to grow an herb from seed, but it worked. Yay.
Here is the guardian of the garden. Of course he doesn't keep out the slugs or the dirt spreading children, but he does keep track of the rain flow. You like the cracked rain gauge, that's because Alice was harassing me when I was ankle deep in mud with him, and I chucked the frog.
As you can see, we might not get zucchini this year. You know how people say lady bugs are good for the garden? Well, there are an orange variety that turn squash leaves into lace. The guardian also allows them in the garden. He isn't much of a guardian it seems.
Here is one of my two patches of cilantro! This makes me want to make Vietnamese spring rolls, or sushi. Well, I guess I could even use it in something more south of the border.
This is our cucumber plant! He is small. Unfortunately, my garden planning didn't realize that we don't get as much morning sun as originally planned. The afternoon sun is shaded by the sweet peas and he might not do much this year. Oh well.
I would like to announce that, unlike last year we WILL have tomatoes! And not just green ones that I pick after the first frost. There are a few more of these on other plants, but these are the largest ones. I am pretty sure they are the beefsteak tomatoes.
And of course here is the slug filled lettuce. I can't get myself to eat lettuce once I pick out the slugs. Plus that greepy green wormy thing. The lettuce just tastes nasty to me. Maybe its also because its all stronger flavors of lettuce, no iceberg here.

SO yeah, here is the garden update. Yay for it. And it sounds like we will have a rain downpour (again) here in a few minutes. That means it will continue to grow well.


Melinda Beth said...

Great garden! I love cilantro too. I'm sad that mine wants to flower and die already. I can't seem to keep it growing. Sorry about your zucchini. I'll bet it will still grow some.

Chelsea said...

your garden is fantastic! Mine isn't really big enough to even consider it a garden - it consists of 3 strawberry plants and one tomato plant, all of which were ransacked by bugs.

So I went to the store (walmart) and got a soap-based insecticide that's supposed to be eco-friendly and kid friendly. I have sprayed my plants many times and the leaves seem to have gotten better, less holes in them, but the fruit is still being eaten out before it even has time to ripen.

Also, I have columbine in my front flower bed and all its leaves seem to be lacy now and they're yellowing. I didn't realize that was possibly a ladybug. I'm going to try spraying those, too, and see if that doesn't help them.

I had purple cone flowers last fall when we moved in but over the winter everything just got ragged and we ended up pulling most things out. I wish I would have known which ones those were and left them! they're so pretty!