Friday, June 19

Couch Update

So Daniel called NFM during his lunch break about our couch of doom.

The said they would have to send a different repair guy, and it wouldn't be until July 3rd.

He told them that was not acceptable.

Monday they will be delivering a new couch.

Daniel also has to call back and make sure they are going to put on new guardsmen fabric care (fabric stain repellant).

Lets hope that we just got a lemon of a couch. They will just repair the one they take away properly, and sell it in their discount section. We will have a couch for my birthday party.

Thank goodness some of that stress is gone. Now, I just have to clean my house again, and move everything out of the dining room and living room to make it so the movers can move in a new couch and take away the old one.

Fun times, fun times.

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