Friday, June 26

Birthday Concert

So for my birthday, my twin and I were going to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert. They are on some midwest tour, and it was the only date in Kansas City. Plus, come on it was our birthday. The plan was to leave the man and kid at home and enjoy good music together.

Then Rachel got a hot date. (Well, maybe sort of lukewarm, but its still a date.) So she gave me the two tickets and said to get a sitter and take Daniel.

So I did. My friend Jennith came and hung out with Alice and had fun.

Daniel and I left around 6, drove to a very packed Sprint Center and went in. Our seats were easily accessible from the entrance, which was nice. We were there early enough we didn't have to crawl past a pile of people, and our row wasn't even completely full.

Then the choir came out. It seemed like it would be exciting. Daniel had heard MoTab once before live. He told me they were amazing. I had only been to an open rehearsal time in the Tabernacle once. Yes they were very good, but lets face it, it was a rehearsal. Nothing like a concert.

The concert began and I had instant disappointment. It wasn't like most choir concerts. I was sure they sounded amazing, but we were in the nosebleed section, so I couldn't see mouths even moving. Plus they had huge speakers amping the sound. It was like playing a CD with a really bad far away photo to look at while watching.

Needless to say, it was less than spectacular. If we go the next time they are in town, we will spring for the expensive tickets.

I admit we left during intermission. It wasn't that I didn't want to stay, but the benefits of leaving and missing traffic were far greater than the benefit of staying to the end, and waiting an hour to get out of the downtown KC area before going home to a really tired baby and the sitter.

We did get some Sonic before going home though. Not that it kept me up. I was asleep before Daniel got back from taking Jennith home and picking up on sale chocolate milk.

On a totally random note, Daniel was so tired when he got back that he came inside put the milk away and fel asleep on the couch without even turning the car off. He was woken a few hours later by the neighbor getting home from work to tell him the car was on. Talk about a blonde moment.

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Jarom Smith said...

I've never heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir referred to as MoTab. I like it. On another note, what have Rachel and Nathan been up to?