Wednesday, June 10

Future House Project

So Alice has started sleeping poorly. She will go to bed pretty well at night, but then come morning she is up and at 'em before the SUN. Not to mention she will stay awake for a few hours and then crash again. I can't help but think that I am encouraging this type of behavior, since I am trying to convince her that she doesn't need to nurse. I have been more successful with not nursing to sleep before bed, than with some of the other nursing times. This makes me think she is waking up earlier and taking more naps to make up for it. A few weeks ago we had pretty much stopped daytime nursing but nursed at night, so I suppose this is what happens when you try and wean someone that doesn't want to be weaned.

So this morning, Daniel left for work and we went on a walk through the neighborhood. We saw a barking dog, a curious cat, and some old lady taking out her trash. It was sort of funny because its trash day, but its been raining so much lately that there was lots of rain soaked boxes and bags at the curb. Makes me glad I have never had that job.

Over the weekend we went to garage sales. We bought some more Alice sized furniture (a couple of chairs and a folding table, as well as a foam 'chair' with a cube for a foot rest). We also saw some replacement windows for $400. We got the measurements and the guys phone number, then went home and measured the windows. The are shorter than what we currently have in the living room, but they are almost the same width, i.e. SCORE. So we got 20 twenties out of the ATM and got those Monday night. The guy even delivered them. Sometime in August when its wickedly hot, but Daniel is done with school we will pull out the old windows, build in some additional framing, and put in the new ones.

I do think its sort of funny, that we decided to not make any major purchases until July, then we threw $400 toward windows that we aren't even going to replace for a couple of months. Actions like this right after buying a couch make our bank account feel poor. But, we won't have to pay the credit card until July, and we get paid 3 times that month, and I don't see us doing any other window buying until we have replaced the living room windows. Plus we can probably keep double paying the mortgage like we have been, even with the large purchases.

I did notice as I walked the neighborhood, the houses that have newer windows in them. In general they look really good. Expect one house that was for sale, and is now just for lease where they replaced the windows with much smaller windows and it just looks sad. Partly because they have this really wide Black edges around the white vinyl frames. Of course that house looks pretty bad anyway, who has a dark gray house with black trim anyway? It seems like it should be haunted or at least filled with creepy drug dealers.

After those windows, and the repairs on the front of the house where we did NOT have flooding in the 9 hours of rain yesterday (yay!), the bedroom windows will be a piece of cake. Especially since I think they have replacement windows in the exact same size at home depot for about $150/window. Of course we will probably end up with the more expensive windows to better match the living room's fanciness. Those vinyl windows even have wood trim on the inside, which the basic models do not have.

So August will be fun times. Especially if I am Daniel's only labor.

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Chelsea said...

That's really exciting! AND it's amazingly fantastic that you guys can double pay your mortgage. I don't know if we'll ever be in that position, but it's fantastic.

We spoke with some friends who are paying double on just the principle each month and they were speaking with this real estate guru who owns tons of houses and properties and it's because he's been able to pay off 30yr mortgages in 15 years, simply by putting an extra principle payment in each month.

Maybe Ryan and I need to reevaluate and start doing that! (then again, we don't plan on being here I dunno...)