Tuesday, June 16

Sugar Snap Peas!

Last night it rained 3 inches in our backyard. This morning I did some weeding and picked our first sugar snap pea crop of the year. There were SIX! I mock my excitement when i saw some big enough to pick. There were 2 ones that needed picked and I picked a few more just to have more than 2.

For the record, sugar snap peas are not so sugary raw. Alice will take a bite of the pea then spit it out, and shove the pod at my mouth. I am the disposal for all things yucky you know. I don't mind that much, its better than cooking 6 little pea pods. Plus, she keeps going back for more bites, so maybe she will eat them all anyway.

Also, I think I am going to delve into the world of flannel boards. There are pages you can print from old Friend magazines online, and with not too much work I can print, color, cover in mailing tape and iron onto interfacing. I am thinking a cute framed flannel board to put above Alice's play table, and a small plain one for travel. It sounds like a better church activity than some, and maybe they will even become a part of FHE. You know several months ago we had FHE. Even if it was just a read this lesson thing. We have become slackers.

That is all (currently) frequently written in blog.


disillusioned said...

Woo hoo!! You read my mind! I was looking for something just like those flannel boards for my niece and nephew!!!!!


Mary P.

Melinda Beth said...

Good luck with the flannel boards. I've always wanted to do those too.

You should come to my talk on Sunday! It all about Family Home Evening. :)